I totally F**cked This Week up! Old Habits Popped Up And Pulled Me OFF Track. - Rachel Smith
I totally f**cked this week up!

I totally f**cked this week up!

I totally f**cked up this week up!  Old habits popped up and totally pulled me off track.

Have you ever had one of these weeks?

Last week, was my first week back Full Time in my business after the school holidays and it went totally crazy.  Let me explain how…..

Over the summer, I was super organised.  All of my content was planned out and scheduled in advance. I was still working with my private clients, however this was spread over the 6 week period.

I wasn’t spending my time hanging out on social media – my time was spent travelling, having lovely adventures with my family.


I just jumped straight back into working – I had client calls on my first day back, I was creating content, creating a Facebook Campaign and promoting my brand new 21 Day Business Immersion Programme.

I was working ALL the time – cancelling my exercise plans – ignoring my family – going to bed at silly time and was very much uninteruptable!

This is not how I run my business or my life anymore.

I had jumped back into an old habit – something I thought I had changed!

Thankfully, on Thursday I realised what had happened. I started to pull back.

I also decided to get some more support into my growing business and to stop being a demented bitch!

Today (Friday) I have had proper time out (coffee – bike ride – spinning class).

It feels SO good!

In fact, driving home today from the gym, I had a total moment of realisation that actually what I have been working towards is already happening.

My goals around business are:

*grow my business
*be consistently visible to my audience
*make a profit
*have clients working with me
*to be making a positive difference to my clients
*be creative about HOW I work with my clients
*work 4 flexible days around school runs
*exercise regulary and during the day
*to enjoy freedom and flexibility
*to inspire and motivate others

I have achieved this already!!

And no of course it wasn’t over night.

This list is down to hard bloody work – taking a risk – being consistent even in the face of failure – to keep going when others think you shouldn’t – to be bloddy minded about achieving my dreams and goals and guess what???

Being supported!

By a succession of coaches and mentors.

By my fabulous husband and my children.

By my amazing sister.

By my audience and my unbelivable talented clients.

By having the strength of character and knowing that giving up wasn’t an option!!!

Tonight, I am FULL.

Of acceptance that I am living my dream.

Of gratitute for everyone who is part of this amazing/scary journey.

And also for all the f**k ups and mistakes I have made and the lessons I have learn’t because of them.

And for all the past S**t I have been dealt.

Live ain’t easy – but bloody hell, you can make it, a lot of fun and pretty amazing too!

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Have a wonderful week, love Rachel x