Warts & All Review Of My Last Launch! | Rachel Smith
Warts & All Review Of My Last Launch!
I thought it would be super helpful to actually SHARE what worked in this launch and what didn’t.
Here are the WHAT WORKED highlights during my recent launch of The 5K Club.
1) Running a challenge
I ran my 5 days to 5K Mindset Challenge and it was brilliant.  It was a topic that many many women are interested in and signed up for.
Plus challenges are great for:
  • showcasing you as an expert in your field
  • adding HUGE value to your audience
  • massively increasing your visibility before, during and after the challenge
  • growing your Facebook Group AND your email list (very important!!)
  • giving your audience an opportunity to complete really deep and very effective work that helps them
  • gives you a platform to launch your next offer from

2) Creating and running my own Facebook Ad’s
Facebook Ad’s have been a particular demon of mine for several years.  I have spent a lot of money on training and using ‘experts’ and achieved very little in terms of results.
When I asked my coach about Facebook Ad’s she delighted me by advising me that I should run them myself.
However, if you REALLY REALLY want something, it’s amazing what you can make happen.
For the challenge, I ran my own campaign and did pretty well – over 200 women signed up and it gave me a lot exposure.
3) Work on your Mindset in a launch
This launch was quite lengthy, with the promotion of the challenge, running the challenging and promoting The 5K Club it was about 4 weeks.
This was a long time to keep my energy high, so working on my mindset was really important.
Anytime, I experienced doubt or worry during this launch, I reached into my mindset tool box and doubled down on my mindset work.
4) Surprise and delight your audience during a launch
In this launch, I introduced the opportunity for people to book in on a Mastermind call for free, this was a great way to add even more value to my active audience and to give them an opportunity to try me before committing to investing in my group coaching programme, The 5K Club.
And, I also added a 30 minute Webinar into the mix too.
​​​​​​​This worked really well in this launch to keep the energy high and deepen my connection with my audience.
5) Commit to your launch
Map your launch out in advance of starting any launch.  I do this all the time and it helps me to see all of the elements of the launch.  However, you can’t control everything, so sometimes you have to flexible with your plan or change elements that are not working.
During this launch, my daughter was so I added an additional three days to my original plan.
Next time, you launch, remember this is your launch, there are no fixed rules you have to play by.  Make it work for you and your audience.
Ok so now for the WHAT DIDN”T WORK this time.
1) Technology
I had a number of glitches with the technology that was enrolling my new clients.  I ended up having to manually add my new clients onto my email list, which took more time and it wasn’t the experience I wanted a new client to have when coming and working with me.
My big take away here is, always test everything before you go live.
Don’t assume it works, test it first.
2) Prepare your content in advance.
Running any launch is intense.  And whilst I was busy running the challenge and last week, running the live round of The 5K Club, I hadn’t prepared my content so I fell off the radar for a couple of weeks.
I am sitting down today to actually map out all of my content for the next 6 weeks and in my next launch I will have much of my day to day content already prepared and scheduled.
3) Be consistent
So linked to the last lesson but more specifically, during all of my challenge and launch activities I wasn’t LIVE on my Facebook Page.
Because of the other elements that needed more of my time and energy spent on them (see above), I didn’t have the WIDTH BAND to be available on my page as well which is a big no no for me, as I have a warm audience over there.
So by learning from everything I have reviewed in this review, I can now make these improvement during my next launch and make the next one even smoother and more successful.
I would love to hear what your biggest takeaway from this is, please post your comments below.
Love Rachel x