Hello Rule Breaker - Yes I Am Talking To You! | Rachel Smith

Hello rule breaker.

Yes you.

I understand you don’t realise you are a rule breaker.


However, I understand that you have bought all the programmes and bootcamps and it hasn’t changed much in your business.

I also can FEEL your frustration and sometimes even your ANGER that your business is in the SLOW lane and not the Accelerating or even the Overtaking Lane in terms of growth and results.

Why do I understand?

Because that was me, not very long ago.

I too bought all the bootcamps, downloaded all the freebies and listened to all the LIVES from other amazing business owners who HAD IT ALL in business and life.

I signed up to playing by their rules.

I followed their formulas.

I thought this MUST work because working on my own doesn’t.

I even invested with a high end coach.

I was elated.

This is it.

I was doing ALL the right things, I was investing, I had a coach, it was only a matter of time before all my hard work and risk taking was going to impact on my success.

And the sorry reality was it simply didn’t.

This was a lesson I had to learn OVER and OVER again before I surrendered to the lesson I had to hear, experience and that eventually brought me to my knees.

The lesson was quite simply this.

To create TRUE success and freedom in business, it has to be a business built around WHO you are.


How you like to work.

Who you love to work with.

Showing up just as you are.

Sharing a message that is neither scripted or inspired by others.

Working when you want and in a way the lights you up!

I finally surrendered to this lesson in 2016.

Everything at this point changed.

It felt both liberating and truly scary.

I was putting my TRUST in myself.

I was trusting I was GOOD ENOUGH to go out to the world, to my audience and just be me.

Even when I felt like a failure and an imposter.

And when the little old me syndrome was playing so LOUD in my head!

I had to PEEL back all of the protective layers I built up after the years of HARD WORK, WORRY, and DISAPPOINTMENT.

What was left when everything was peeled back was just me.

And guess what.

It was enough.

Enough to grow my business.

To show up consistently.

To create, launch and sell all the time – successfully.

To work with my most amazing soul mate clients.

To give myself time off during the week, giving me time to do other things!!!

To only work on a weekend or late into the night JUST if it gave me time back in the week to do something else.

I decided to forsake everyone’s else’s rules and actually create a truly successful, thriving business.

Can you see that you are a rule breaker too?

You are already coming to the same conclusion that I did.

That there has to be ANOTHER way to create the success you so deeply want.

You understand there is a STACK of brilliance from the content you have participated in.

You also understand that some of the strategies work for you too.

However sounding like and behaving like other people, actually isn’t for you anymore!

Take Only Aligned Action Everyday

Here is one of the many HACKS I use everyday in my business – only ever take aligned action.

Here is real life example of what I mean by that:

Feeling fed up and in a funk but trying to show up to the world as though everything is OK doesn’t work.

There is very little point in turning up to do a LIFESTREAM if you are in a FUNK!

You won’t feel it, even when you have slapped on your lippy.  And guess what?

Your audience will actually FEEL your funk – your message will slip by and make little impact!

Instead do something that will ease the FUNK.

This could simply be letting of steam to another person (choose carefully).

It could be playing your favourite music and dancing around like a nutter!

It could be allowing someone else treat you well – bringing you a well earned cuppa or run you a bath.


Journal the shit out of what is happening in your life, in your business, with your lover, your children – whatever is causing the FUNK!

Write it all down.

Every last thing.

Get it out.

And when you don’t think you can go any further, have another go and see what else is lurking.

I can guarantee you will find the answer to many of the juicy challenges you are facing and peace with many of the others.

Try it next time you are in a FUNK!

The most essential element to becoming a rule breaker is to create a business that you love and that allows you to YOURSELF.

Are you ready to find out more?

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See you soon rule breaker!!!!

Love Rachel

p.s. remember to screw the rules and grow an awesome business instead!