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becoming fearless in bizWhy I Am Happy That I Am A Selfish Mother, What It Takes To Build An Awesome Business.

Today, it is my youngest child’s, 7th birthday and it got me thinking (as birthdays do!)  I was reflecting WHY I started my business and why I have pursued my dreams even when it looked like my dreams where completely unrealistic.

I had the courage to begin to look at life differently when my first child was born nearly 11 years ago.

I realised then if I wanted to be satisfied to LEAVE my child in childcare, I had to do it for a job that I was deeply passionate about.

The job I had, no longer had that appeal for many reasons.

Having Dylan shifted everything for me and I know this is happens to many women whether it’s having a child, facing redundancy, getting divorced, experiencing a bereavement or something else (usually fairly significant).

11 years ago I started this journey – I had NO idea where it would lead or what it would entail.

Sidenote>>> If someone would have been able to tell me what this experience was going to be like, I am not 100% sure that I would have been brave enough to do it!

However, the journey started. It took many years for me to become clear about my BIG mission and vision for myself and my clients and therefore my business.

I realised that ACTUALLY I didn’t want a little tiny weeny business – I knew that I wanted a BIG business, impacting hundreds and yes even thousands of women in the most positive and deeply transformational way.

Unlike all of the marketing BS, I understood that to have a BIG business was going to take my time and energy.

However, hang on. I had two children now.

If I was going to follow my heart and create my dreams how was I going to do this with two small children?

I worked through this – I dived deeply into my why, my mission and my vision and realised something – I wasn’t just Dylan and Florence’s Mum, I was also a person with dreams.

I knew that I wanted to be a strong role model for my children – I knew that I wanted my children to understand that ANYTHING in life is possible.

That life isn’t about following the RULES.

Life is about living fully and completely.

I knew that in my commitment to myself to live an extraordinary life, I would give my loved ones this experience too.

And to achieve this, I needed to become a SELFISH MOTHER.

I needed to cave out time and energy to follow my dreams, to work on myself and my business.

I understood that I wasn’t just a mother.

And by being selfish, I could actually show my children a different way to look at life and to live it.

Only time will tell how this will all work out!!!

In the meantime, I love working in my business, doing the school run, being distracted messaging my clients whilst hanging out with the children, staying in bed to complete my journalling every morning.

I also love hearing from the children how they have MANIFESTED all sorts of important experiences and things into their lives.

I love being the person who they talk to about their day whilst it’s fresh in their mind and my ability to travel throughout the summer holidays with them.

For them, I am not living a life that is different from other people, this is their normal life.

And I can’t wait to see how that transpires for them, now and in the future.

And in case you are wondering, no I never spend any time worrying about being a SELFISH MOTHER.

Love Rachel x

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