Get Yourself Out There To A Bigger Audience & Grow Your Business! | Rachel Smith

Get Yourself Out There To A Bigger Audience & Grow Your Business!

You see all the messages about how you have to be visible in your business in order to grow it.

You see other people in the same industry as you, being ‘visible’

You’ve joined the free challenges, you have bought the products.

You know you should…..

But actually you feel stuck.

You feel stuck about creating content, every day.

In fact you feel BLOWN away by other people’s capacity to live stream, write blog posts, email their list everyday, create awesome freebies.

You are often left wondering how you could even keep up.

After all there is only you working in your business.

If this is what it takes to be ‘successful’ you know you can’t do it.

I understand all of the fears about being visible every day in your business.

This hit me when I was home with my youngest child.

I was trying to be more visible but I often looked tired, hadn’t had a shower, didn’t know what to say and I didn’t always feel that I had the time either.

Every single day I do something to be visible in my business, even when the school holidays are taking place.

Now a normal working day, I live stream in my Facebook Group every day.

I write social media posts, daily.

I create blog posts, daily.

I write to my email list every week.

I have enough content to write to them daily.

Why do I spend my time creating daily content?

Because writing content and creating content on a daily basis has TRANSFORMED my business.

I have figured out:

  • Who my soul client is
  • What to talk to them about
  • How to serve them through content
  • How to reposition content so it can be used many times.
  • How to sell via content.
  • How to work in partnership with OTHER people to talk to more of my audience.

I value creating content as one of my DAILY BUSINESS MUST DO’s and I love it.

Committing to this work has ensured that I am speaking to a BIGGER AUDIENCE and I have more clients working with me.

I understand that you might be struggling with this right now, about how to get started, how to keep going, what to create, how to manage it so it doesn’t take over your day.

And I also understand that you have BIG dreams for your business and you want to SPEAK to a bigger audience.

And that is why I have created my BRAND NEW Create Killer Content That Converts three day LIVE Training, that starts on Thursday (27th April)

This is three days of FREE training where I will be showing you exactly how you can show up in your business every day creating content that speaks directly to your soul client and how to use your content to turn your warm leads to paying clients.

I have made this SO easy for you to access.

There is NO SIGN up.

All of this content is being delivered via my Facebook Group, Live Your Abundant Life.

To access all of the training AND coaching, you just have to be a member of my Facebook Group.

Join today here

I am holding nothing back in this training – so if you are ready to increase your visibility, grow your business and call in more clients, come and join me this week as I share all of this content.

See you over there, love Rachel x