The Full Story Of My ACCIDENTIAL Journey Into Becoming An Entrepreneur - Rachel Smith

The Accidental Female Entrepreneur – Why I Started My Coaching Business (Part 1)

I haven’t met many women who decided from day one to become an entrepreneur.

In fact back in 2007 it was the last thing on my mind as I prepared to return to work following the maternity leave from my first child.

To set the story into its proper context, I believe it is important for you to know:

  • I have always worked – I left school at 16 and I have worked in lots of amazing jobs.
  • I love working.
  • My parents believe you work for someone else, you work hard and you put up with the any crap that might come up.
  • I love being part of a BIG team.
  • I never thought I could be or wanted to be a business owner – that was for someone else.

So ten years later here I am working on my own business, working with a very small team, loving the challenge, adoring my clients and not putting up with any ‘crap’ thank you very much.

The Start!

In May 2007, I returned back to my job, leaving my 7 month old son in nursery – I obviously had very mixed emotions about returning to work and leaving my son.  However, one of the most positive aspects of returning to my job was to be working again, with one of my dearest friends whom I met on this job, Tracy.

This still chokes me up as I retell this story and you are not the first audience to hear this story either.

In fact I never want to retell it and not to feel the pain and emotion of what happened.

What happened was this:

On my first day back in the office, I walked into the office to discover the members of the team, who were already there, sitting around looking bewildered.

Eventually someone, told me, they had just spoken to Tracy’s family who had just called to say that Tracy had died un-expectantly at home the day before.

Tracy was a few years younger than me and as far as we all knew was healthy with no known problems.

This news shocked all of our worlds and for me, it also started the ball rolling in a direction I had never dreamed of.


Did your decision to start your own business come from a similar point in your life where everything you once knew turned upside down in an instance?

I would LOVE to know.

Watch out for Part 2 coming up soon!

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