Is This Your Fuck It Year? I've Had A Few... | Rachel Smith

***Is This Your FUCK IT Year

You know the year, where you 100% commit in your mind that you are going to do what it takes to make your business the success you DESIRE?
I had several FUCK IT YEARS but I continued to remain stuck.
It was like GROUNDHOG YEARS and it was not good for my self belief, my confidence, my visibility or my sales.
I also understand what its like to be:
✅inconsistent with your actions
✅inconsistent with your visibility
✅frustrated with your sales
✅frustrated with your results
✅fearful of upsetting people with popping up TOO many times of social media or in their email box
✅unsure of WHAT content to write
✅limited with your time but finding you have spent ALL day on social media AGAIN
✅overwhelmed by all the experts and everything you could be do
✅feel as though you are not good enough
I also understand this.  I also understand this…..
….until you take responsibility for making changes in your business, nothing is going to change.
You can buy another programme, bootcamp or training however until you understand and own that you are fully responsible for your business results, nothing will change.
Just by buying someone else’s promise that they can FIX your problem, isn’t enough.
✅You have to REALLY mean your FUCK IT YEAR.
This is how everything changed for me in 2016 when I really was at a loss.  I was several years into a business that swung from no clients to lots of clients.
I knew in my head and my heart that I was ready and wide open to changing my story.
I finally took responsibility for my own success.
I worked on myself.
Everyday I stepped into the future version of myself – the version of me who had a thriving successful business and an amazing life to boot.
I built that belief.
And I took action.
I took action everyday as that future version of myself.
And it worked.
By the end of 2016 I had TRIPLED my income from previous years.
I am NOT one of the lucky ones – I wasn’t working with a COACH 121 at the time, although I did invest in a lot of fabulous training and I was part of a tribe of women who had similar dreams and goals.
I was focused.
I overcame fears and beliefs and guess what I SOLD a lot.
Gracefully and felt good.
Why am I sharing this with you?
Because if you feel like you are wondering around in the dark, I want to inspire you that there is a way out.
If you are ready to take responsibility for your own success, if you are ready to take consistent action and if you are ready to work on your mindset, everyday, you can and you will turn your business around.
And if you still feel that you want to be supported on your journey, I have just the opportunity for you.
I created The 5K Club for women who are ready to:
💜take responsibility for their own success.
💜 take consistent action.
💜understand just how to call in all of the clients and therefore the money they want.
💜become visible to their soul mate clients, to be able to create amazing content that speaks to the heart of your audience.
💜create amazing products and services.
💜 launch amazing offers, gracefully,
and who are ready to sell gracefully so you can achieve consistent months of income of 5K and beyond.
The 5K Club is a no fluff Membership.
There are NO SHINY OBJECTS in here that will lead you down a dark alley.
💜Every month I will support you and your business to 5K and beyond.
💜Every month you will receive the content I have specifically created that will ACTUALLY help you to build a successful, thriving business.
💜Every month you will access to a private CHALLENGE just for members that will help you to IMPLEMENT your training.
And I am available within the Group to help and support you – I will personally review your plans, sales pages, pricing, content.
Whatever it takes.
Because when you become all in, I am all in to support you.
Expecting a MASSIVE price tag?
Nope not at all.
You can join The 5K Club right now for £47.00 for a month.
And in return I will support you to generate a consistent flow of 5K a month and beyond.
FOR THE FULL JUICE On The 5K Club click here –
This is not an overnight FIX it all solution.
This is about me holding a space – a container for you to grow and learn about how to generate 5K in your business.
And if after one month if it’s not for you, you can leave.
If you understand that this is EXACTLY what you need to make this year the year you consistently call in 5K, I have an exciting proposal for you.
Join me for 6 months for £199 – giving you a healthy discount.
And I will GIFT you a 60 minute Private Strategy Call where I will personally work with you on your plans, offers and visibility.
(These sessions are worth £500 if booked separately).
Here what is already happening in the club:
Anna has signed up a new 1:1 client, created a plan for growing her list and ran a fabulous group coaching session!
Dee says: Thank you so much Rachel for that fantastic strategy call. Got more clarity than ever.  Am so excited to get started on everything.
Safra has successfully launched her programmed and attracted MORE ladies that originally planned!
Susan says she is delighted to be part of The 5K Club!
Jan has just attracted 3 new mentoring clients!

And we have only just got started!


When you join the club BEFORE Monday you can also get involved with our very first monthly challenge – this month is DOUBLE YOUR MONEY where I will be supporting you to double your income!



Every single member who has joined The 5K Club means business and we are going to go and call more clients and money into our business this month!!!


This is not the HARD HUSTLE Club this is the GRACEFUL HUSTLE CLUB.

We are growing our businesses around our lives, whilst raising our children and taking the dog for a walk.  Whilst making time for coffee with friends and time out with loved ones.

Graceful, intentional and whilst being who you truly are.

I would love for you to come and join us if this is resonating with you.

Got questions?  The best way to contact me is via PM on Facebook.

See you soon.

Love Rachel x​​​​​​​