Dreams Do Come True - My Story Of How I Manifestered A Long Term Dream Into Reality. - Rachel Smith

***Dreams Do Come True – this is my story about how I manifestered a long term dream into reality.

Yesterday saw the realisation of a dream come true!

It has taken 10 months.

There have been many bumps in the road.

The end solution is not 100% perfect but it’s still FLIPPING amazing!

It has taken time and energy that actually I didn’t believe I had.
It’s scary.

It stretches me.

This dream takes me and my family to a completely different place.

This dream is something my husband and I have always talked about achieving for many years.

So we took the LEAP and jumped!

Let me take you back 12 months ago.

My Dad decided to sell a property that he inherited from his parents.

This was his family home, one where I spent all of my childhood visiting my grandparents.

However I hadn’t been there for 20 years as Dad had a long term tenant.

My husband and my children had never been there either.
However in June 2016, whilst on holiday I had a complete light bulb moment. I decided that I wanted to buy this property.

I spoke to my sister and asked her if she would be interested in owning it jointly, however it wasn’t the right time for her family to invest in this property.

I spoke to my husband.

He was open to looking at the property.

I spoke to Dad and yes he was happy for us to view it.

For the 4 days that I was still on holiday, I visualised and journaled my heart out about us owning this property.

We visited the cottage on the day after we returned from holiday
I hadn’t been there for 20 years. The cottage is solidly built, however I realised that it also needed a complete overhaul – we are talking windows / heating / kitchen / bathroom. And don’t even ask me about the garden!!!

Let me just explain something here, WE HAVE V LITTLE SPARE time! We live a fully and busy life and my husband was in the middle of RELOCATING his entire department to a brand new site.

This was a project that we were not looking for.

However, as I looked round the cottage my desire to own it was still there.

Regardless of the hard work and the money we would need to invest in it.

The decision rested on my husband – he had no emotional link to the cottage, he was flat out busy anyway.

And as the children ran down the footpath and ducked under the white railings to the river (which is exactly what I use to do with my siblings) I asked the only question I had for my husband.

And he said YES!

By the end of that day we had agreed to buy it from Dad.

That was June 2016!

From that point we had many completion dates that passed by.

We still have an unresolved problem about access to the cottage.

The realisation of the COST of the running and renovation of the cottage is scarily high.

We had EVERY opportunity to walk away from completing on the cottage.

We had every opportunity to not take the risk.

We had every opportunity to not invest our money and instead buy a new car, book fabulous holidays and basically not have any money concerns.

However we couldn’t and we didn’t.

Yesterday we became the owners!

Of a beautiful cottage that was my grandparents.

We have many exciting plans for this property.

This fulfils our long term dream of having a holiday property.

I know that from this September I will be inviting my inner circle of my amazing clients to come and work with me from this beautiful place.

I know that my family will LOVE spending time here.

And we will love inviting our friends to enjoy it too.

Ultimately it might become a business, however at this moment in time, we bought this beautiful place for us.

It hasn’t been easy.

It didn’t happen overnight.

We had to overcome many challenges.

I had to overcome that internal nagging voice that said – who do you think you are to buy this???

Things cropped up that might have pulled us off track.

And this is just the beginning.

The beginning to us living differently.

The beginning of a brand new experience we will have as a family.

The beginning of getting to know brand new people in a new community.

In so many ways this journey represents what my journey to growing and developing a successful business has been like.

What I learnt through my entrepreneurial journey has helped us to achieve this amazing dream, even when my husband asked me in the middle of the night to NLP him through his wobbles.

And my final message is – if you can dream it, it will happen, if you want it enough!

What are your deepest desires and are you ready to receive

Love Rachel x