I Don't Miss That!! - Rachel Smith

i-dont-miss-that-blog-postIn fact I don’t miss any of that.


Working for other people. Dealing with office politics. Being managed by bullies. Having my confidence and creativity squashed by others.

And I definitely don’t miss the COMMUTE!

I was reminded just this week what a total hell the commute is.

On Tuesday, I was whizzing down the road to my gym at 5.30pm and the road opposite me was jammed backed with commuters.

The cars were nose to tail.

Just waiting to move so the drivers could get home, to collect their children, start their evenings.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that many people LOVE working for others. My husband is one.

However, when you are busy running your own business, you sometimes FORGET how far you have actually come.

And you can also forget how DIFFERENT life is as a business owner.

We get to CHOOSE everything.

To work in our pj’s or not to work in our pj’s.

To do the school run.

Who we work with.

How we work with them.

When and where we work with them.

How much we earn.

How we show up!

Tuesday was a great reminder to me about how far I have come and I am SO excited to see what happens in 2017.

I am building my team too – I have happily arrived at the place where actually I can’t and I don’t want to work stupid hours and to do everything.

Business feels easy, I feel in flow.

Yes there are still moments when I think I am crazy, this is crazy but when this happens, I reach out to my Masterminder buddies, I complete the inner work, I climb back on the horse, because I feel SO much love for the women who I am connected to and the clients I work with.

I understand that the work I complete with my clients, is SO powerful. It’s business and life changing.

My clients are feeling the change, the love, the energy and the ability to create 100% what they want!

Right now.

There is no need to wait.

I am glad I worked for other people.

I am glad I dealt with the bullies and the BS that often happens in organisations.

I am glad I worked with totally amazing colleagues.

I am glad that I understand that I NEVER go back there and I am 100% happier being me, doing my work.

Love Rachel x

p.s. is this resonating with you? Can you feel all of the possibility that is churning around for you, are you ready to receive everything you want?

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