Does Coaching Actually Work? Here's What I Think! - Rachel Smith

Does Coaching Actually Work-Honestly does coaching actually work???

Obviously I am a coach, I trained and qualified as a coach in 2009 and since then (and before) I have been supporting women both in their lives and now in their businesses, so you might think this will be a biased post.

However, I am not going to talk about me as coach but what my experience has been like as a client.

I invest ALL the time in coaching.

You might be thinking – well that is ridiculous, you should be able to figure it out on your own.

Or, of course you do, you have brain washed into believing you HAVE TO.

Let me share why I invest in coaching (and I invite you to also share why you have/do invest in coaching too).

I invest in coaching because….it works!

Even the bad coaching works!

Not that I have experienced much of that. I choose my support well.

For me, I invest in coaching because actually I can’t and I don’t want to figure it out on my own.

It’s lonely.

Results can take a lot time to actually show up.

The chances of giving up before the results come through are higher.

I understand that I need someone to discuss, truthfully, what is happening in my business and how to take it forward.

Obviously I speak to my husband about this – but he doesn’t understand the industry and really we have plenty of other ‘non work’ things to talk about.

In the early days when I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I worked with coaches to show me ‘how to do business’.

Later on, I was able to ‘pin point’ the exact strategies that were missing from my business and my knowledge and invested in understanding these.

I have invested in:

* Membership programmes
* 121 Coaching
* VIP Days
* Training Days
* Bootcamps
* Mastermind
* Programmes – tons of
* Private Groups

You might be thinking, well coaching doesn’t work if you have HAD to keep reinvesting.

But that is the entire point.

There is never a one coaching programme or person that will be able to help you ONCE and then that’s it.

When you run a business that are so many aspects that you need to understand and do.

AND I have big life goals.

I am not stuck in sameness – I am moving forward and growing.

If I didn’t want to grow and expand, well I wouldn’t invest in coaching.

What has made the BIGGEST difference?

Obviously the ‘how to do business’

But truthfully?

This changes depending on where I am and where I want to be.

In the past 12 months the best investment v return has been any training and coaching on MIND-SET.

Through this work and support I have:

* stopped comparing myself to others (this still creeps in a little, so work in progress!)
* supported more of my amazing clients
* stopped playing by some invisible rules
* accepted that it’s ok to change your niche and rebrand (even if this upsets some people!)
* put my prices up
* learnt to love selling
* run mulitple launches
* created more offers that sell
* Manifestered a brand new business (not coaching) and lifestyle opportunity (actually think we have bought our retirement home!!)
* increased my visibility
* made more money

My coaching investment can be anything from $25 (yes as little as that) to £5,000 +

As long as I love the coach/mentor and they have something that I know will help me, I am happy – NO I am excited to invest!

I love that moment when you say YES and you know whatever it is you are going to learn is already done.

You know that whatever the subject or challenge is no longer a problem.

So my short version to the question – Does Coaching Work? is YES!!!!

However, you need to be ready for the transformation and ready to do the work!

Saying yes to coaching for me, is like saying YES to my future business and life.

Love Rachel

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