Call Your Tribe To You - DAILY - Rachel Smith

grow-your-tribe-blog-postMy posts appear to have a theme today – a list of things you MUST do every day in your business to build – grow and expand a brilliant business (if that’s what you want!)

*When I say MUST – obviously that is just my opinion, based on what works for me and for many of my clients! My best advice is, if this is resonating with you, try it, your way!

So back to the content – call your tribe to you every day.

When I was journalling on Saturday it was ALL about my tribe. I didn’t have a preplanned journalling theme, it just what came out of my pen.

Because having a TRIBE is so important.

These are the people who are your ideal client.

These are the people who you LOVE to work with.

These are the people who actually LOVE what you do.

These are the people who WILL work with you.

They believe in you.

Your message resonates with your TRIBE.

These are your people.

NURTURE them, with content and connection.

LOVE them with resources, community and understanding of where they are right now!

Hold a space for your TRIBE so they can grow and expand.

How to call them in daily:

Live stream
Social media posts
Share your story
Create case studies and interviews
Share your blog posts
Run Masterclasses / Webinars / Challenges
Conversation & actual chats
email / newsletter
Questions / surveys / feedback

I have a fabulous group Live your Abundant Life which is my FREE Facebook Group FULL of amazing women who are taking their business to the next level.

Does my content resonate with you?

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What will you do today to connect with your TRIBE?

Love Rachel x #moreclientsmoremoney