I was too busy buying INTO my story - Get Out Of The Box - Rachel Smith

too-busy-blog-postHands up, I have to tell the truth. People can often put ‘other’ people on a pedestal and believe that they don’t make mistakes!

Well, we do.

Everyone is human and we all have the ability to make mistakes and mess up.

In fact, when you are riding HIGH that’s when you are at a higher risk than normal to trip up. And when you do you generally FALL pretty hard too.

That’s due to all sorts of reasons.


Pride and having the inability to request help and support.


Upper limit sabotage.

Not recruiting the right people.

Stop working on mindset

And list goes on….

What happened for me?

I took myself out of one box and created a brand new box. One of my why’s is creating a business around my family so having flexibility and freedom is key to me.

I didn’t want a boss.

I didn’t want to waste my time playing office politics and dealing with OTHER people’s egos.

I wanted to come and go as I want.

I wanted to work when I want to work.

I also wanted to go the gym when I want or meet friends when I want.

SO I DO much of this – I run my business around my family, I have even given up my ONLY childcare so the children can be where they want to be, home.

I am my own boss – although that was a lesson I had to learn (that’s definitely another post!!)

I do go to the gym (in fact I am finally returning to the level of fitness I can before my children, well almost!)

And I see my friends too.

HOWEVER this is all scheduled in – like I am working for someone else.

I have specific days for specific jobs which I massively advocate, however WHEN I have time where I am NOT working on content or with a client, guess where you will find me?

That’s right – at my desk!

I am not maximising my freedom.

I come into my office like I have regular hours I MUST complete.

On a bright sunny day, I might momentarily consider taking the dog for an extra walk, but I soon forget that.

I sit in my office and I continue to work – on more content, plans or just scrolling through Facebook, lets be honest!!!

I feel GUILTY if I am not glued to my desk!

I never just rung up my Mum for a chat or sit on the sofa with a book or have a nap – I work!!!

Is this resonating with you?

Are you discovering that actually you have also replaced one box with another?

Where else is this showing up in your business?

Perhaps you are positioning yourself in the market place in a way that doesn’t represent who you truly are.

Or you never let your clients or audience see you – really see you.

Or believing CERTAIN rules that actually don’t work for you?

Well, just as I had my wake up call about my BOX, let this be yours.

There are only 9% of women who ACTUALLY run their own business – 9%!!!

I think we can safely say there isn’t ONE WAY to run a business – no-one has that blueprint yet.

We are the revolutionaries, the leaders, the trailblazers, the pioneers!

Let’s NOT hand down to the future generations of female business owners a box labelled ‘The Only Way To Be Successful In Biz’

Take the time now to wake up and realise that EVERY part of our lives, our businesses has to and can fill us with JOY.

What does that look and feel like for YOU?

And if you want to truly run a business based on freedom and flexibility, make sure you DO.


I am off to take the dog for her extra walk – that’s my idea of freedom!

Love Rachel x

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