Is Your Business Model Killing Your Profit And Therefore Your Business? | Rachel Smith

So often the actual business model you are using is the LAST thing you consider – however as I will share here, using a model the wrong way could cost you both profit and business!

Let me share my story with you – a few years ago when I started to call money into my business, I jumped at the opportunity to work with a particular coach whom I had been happily stalking for a while.

I was dazzled by their business and success and I believed I wanted to emulate their way of working!

So I invested thousands of pounds.

I learnt a lot from this person.

And I also learnt that having the right business model for YOU as an individual is crucial.

My business DID not flourish.

I struggled on.

I implemented everything I was told to do.

I couldn’t figure out what was going wrong.

My confidence began to ebb away.

I started to consider on a daily basis that I wasn’t good enough.

And that I couldn’t actually achieve my dreams.

Don’t get me wrong I got results – however everything I achieved in terms of £££ was poured back into keeping my business afloat.

This way of working saw me working hard and achieving low sales which led to low self-esteem and low confidence.

It was a cycle that would repeat itself over many months.

By the time my coaching finished I was spent!

Spent both financially and emotionally.

It would be many months BEFORE I could pick myself up again.

However, it was a vital lesson for me to learn.

The fundamental reason why this way of working didn’t achieve the ROI that it could have is my business model was wrong.

I was trying to emulate a way of working where you NEED a large audience.

At the time, I didn’t have a large audience or a strategy to grow one, fast!

I was NEVER going to achieve the results I wanted with the model I had.

I take full responsibility for this.

The purpose of this post isn’t a coach bashing.

However, I was reminded of this very important lesson and message when I was speaking to someone today.

So over to you –

Do you have the right business model for you?

Are you achieving the results you want?

If you are working hard trying to emulate someone’s model and approach to business firstly does this even work for you?

And if you are working with a coach to emulate their business model, have they ACTUALLY shared how they implemented their model?


I now understand my coach was investing thousands of pounds in Facebook Ad’s and being supported by a small team.

Whereas, I was doing everything myself and spending a couple of hundreds of pounds on Facebook Ad’s.

Big difference and guess what?

If I had carried on trying to incrementally grow my business this way IT WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED!

So if you are not achieving your desired results please take a moment to answer these questions I have posed here!

And if you discover that actually your business model is KILLING your business and you have had enough (just like I did), I would love to invite you on a 30 minute call with me so we can sort this out for you, FAST before you pour any more time and energy on something that actually won’t work!

Just click here and book yours now

What have you got to lose?

Those sleepless nights!

And you have so much to gain!

With love Rachel x