Becoming The Accidental Entrepreneur Part 2 - Rachel Smith

The Full Story Of How I Became An Accidental Entreprenuer – Part 2

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Later in November 2007 I enrolled on what turned out to be a life changing programme> on the The Coaching Academy’s, coaching programme.  This was a huge financial commitment, however I had the money in the bank and I had already received the Universe’s message that life was precious!

Even at this stage I wasn’t completely sure what happens next.

However what I did discover alongside all of the coaching training and skills was a community PACKED with Entrepreneurs!

It was like the work and life blinkers had finally come off and I could see life completely differently from before.

And this was perfect timing for me.

I had my little boy and I knew I wanted to be there for him when he needed me, not at an after school club or later for him to be a latch key kid.

Work was utterly rubbish, whilst I was on maternity leave nothing had changed and everything screamed at me to do something else.

I was stuck earning the same money year in year out – in fact this would change in the future as restructures came in and massively reduced all of our salaries and packages.

I was a mother – a role model, how was I going to manage this, whilst dragging myself out of the door everyday to a job I now hated?

So I set an intention early on that I would do everything it took to make this happen for me and my family too.

What I didn’t realise is, just what a journey it would be.

Would I have made a different decision if I had known that:

  • Running your own business takes more guts and ambition than anything I had ever achieved before
  • There would be months where I would be so frustrated with my lack of income, clients and growth.
  • I would challenge EVER fear I had so dearly nurtured for so long
  • I would invest time and time again in my business, in my learning, in overcoming fears and beliefs
  • People close to me wouldn’t take my business seriously.
  • That my income would DROP (I have always been a high earner!)
  • Juggling to two small children and a business is NOT a winning combination
  • I would change my business model several times.
  • I would be criticised by my peers when appearing to come from a place of love and trust?
  • I would be CRIPPLED by comparison-it is!
  • I would become a different version of ME to the point where I can’t believe how fearless I am now.

So if you are currently nodding away recognising yourself in some of this I want to say, it is WORTH the journey.  And everything that happens, the good and the not so good, is actually a massive lesson that will help you to create a life and a business that you LOVE!

Tomorrow, I am sharing the adversity I have faced and HOW I overcame my deep rooted beliefs that I couldn’t grow a successful business and how I turned this around so I can now call in 5K weeks!

Truly, if I can do this, so can you!

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