It’s Time To Drop The HUSTLE and Run A Business Like The Awesome Woman You Are! | Rachel Smith

OMG, I can’t stop watching american tv series that are full of women trying to do business like their male counterparts.

I am fascinated with these tv series.

The women are all hard and relentless.

In these series, it’s all about winning and getting one over on each other.

It’s about hustling and fighting to win.

I know, these tv series are not real life but how often do you see or feel that actually the people who WIN in business are the ones who buckle up and become relentless.

Who dominate.

Who hustle, hard.

In my early days, I thought that hustling was the way.

I learnt really quickly that I wasn’t built to hustle.

Don’t get me wrong I am built to work and to work hard, I always have.

But I am not built to hustle.

I am built to build fabulous relationships, to connect with my audience through content and offers.

I am built to build ‘human friendly’ funnels that allow me to grow my business and the freedom I want as a working parent.

I am built to serve and create content that deeply resonates with my audience and impacts positively.

I am here to serve and put my soul mate client at the CENTRE of everything I do.

I am here to create, launch and sell awesome, business and life changing products and services.

I am here to work with my clients.

I am here to generate money and leads as gracefully as possible.

I learn’t a long time ago, that hustling works for some but not all.

I am all in to grow my business gracefully.

How do you grow your business?

Are you a hustler?

Do you have to step into your hustle persona to promote your business?

Have you learnt the art of growing your business gracefully or are you caught somewhere in the middle?

If you are a hustler, I am not here to say you are wrong.

What is fundamentally important is you run your business as you.

To show up as the amazing woman you already and to understand that this 100% the right way for you to run and grow your business.

If you would love to grow your audience gracefully in a way that makes you feel pretty epic and works, I have something amazing for you.

I understand that growing your audience everyday can feel like another thing you have to do when you are already, creating daily content for all of your social media platforms, your blog.  You are busy working with your existing clients and then there is all the admin etc.,

Who has flipping time for yet another thing?

However, if you are here to run a profitable business and to have a roomful of your soul mate clients who are ready to come and work with you, growing your audience, everyday/every week is a really important strategy to have working in your business.

The great news, is this.

I have created a very special 5 day Grow Your Audience Bootcamp where I am going to cut through all the ideas and concepts out there and help you to map out and create your own strategy that will see you grow your audience gracefully, all the time.

And it is completely free.

For 5 days, I am going to hold a private space for you to come and work with me on creating your fabulous freebie and a strategy that will help you go out there into the world and call 100’s of your soul mate clients to you.

We start on Monday 1 April until Friday 5 April, my trainings are super focused, there is no faffing about, there will be lots of surprise bonuses and most important you will spend this time with me, working on your business.

What’s not to love?

Sign up here for free:

See you in the bootcamp, love Rachel x