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Are you facing a summer of juggling business and childcare?  Me too!


For many working Mum’s the summer holidays are already here.  For me, the long summer holidays are just starting.


I am really looking forward to spending time with my children, friends and family.  And even though, I am mainly NOT working and instead I am travelling extensively in August, I am still working and supporting my clients and I am confident my business is still growing.


It wasn’t always this way – however I have learnt the HARD WAY how not to manage your business over the summer.


It might be tempting to pack up your business for the next 6 weeks, however that is definitely NOT the smart option.


Pack your business away over the summer and you will be losing money not just in the summer months but also in the months following.


Let me explain why.


With any marketing activity, we need to be consistently seen by our audience. it can take up to 3 months for your marketing activities to generate you any income.


If your ideal client is ready to buy from you in August thanks to all your hard work in May, June if you are not about, they will either not buy that product or service or go and find someone else to buy it from.


This happened to me last year when I had been following 2 coaches for several months. When I was ready to buy from my preferred coach, she had disappeared so I ended up (happily) working with the other coach.


The first coach lost out on $$$$ of income.


I understand that as a hard working female entrepreneur you also want to spend time with your family too.  And you can, whilst having your business run in the background.


Here are my 5 Top Strategies for blending summer holidays and business successfully ensuring you and your business remain visible.


5 Graceful Steps To Grow Your Business This Summer:


  1. Get Organised


Try and do this before the school holidays start.  Ensure your desk is as clear as possible so you don’t suffer from any nagging worry that you still have jobs to complete.


Delegate any jobs you don’t have capacity to complete this summer – website updates, copy, book keeping, design to a VA or relevant expert.  It’s always great to know the wheels of your business are still turning even when you aren’t physically there.


Go through your files both paper and computer.  Get rid of anything you no longer need. File anything away that you do need – don’t keep adding to that pile of paperwork.


Reduce any clutter that might be in your physical work space.


Back up your computer.


Block out the time when you are not available to work on any online schedule tool you use, so your clients know when you are available.


  1. Schedule Your Posts In Advance


This is a business saver and totally looks like your business is still running even when you are not there.


Every week plan out your content for the coming week.  If you are a big picture person, you can map out the entire content for the whole period.


Create the content in batches and schedule this in advance, so whilst you are out having a picnic your latest blog is up on your website and your social media posts are going out to your audience.


And don’t forget to reuse content you have already created.


This strategy is the number 1 way you will not disappear this summer.


****NB if you are happy using Facebook Live, don’t forget you can use this whilst you are out an about too.


  1. Tiny Pockets Of Time


Create pockets of time when you can work on your business – whether that is creating your content or checking your emails.  It doesn’t have to be a large amount of time.  Choose one business activity to complete at a time.


If the children are spending time with their friends, playing with their lego or having some down time with a move, take those 60-90 minutes to work on your business.


  1. Be Creative With Your Childcare


If your childcare are not going into any type of childcare over the summer months, which friends or family members are available to swap some childcare with? This year, I am swapping with my sister who runs her own business and a friend who works for an organisation.  This is actually giving me tons of time and my children will be very happy with this arrangement.


Guilt free working!


  1. Automate Your List Building


You might not be working fully in your business this summer, however you can take this time to grow your email list.


Create a Facebook Ad Campaign with your Lead Magnet and receive more sign ups.


You can turn these into paying clients when you are ready to return to business in September.


TOP TIP: If you have a planned lauch of a new product or service in September, create your lead magnet that relates to your planned launch.  This will mean you have an audience who are ready to work with you.


There are so many ways you can ensure your business is still working and growing during the summer.

I will be sharing more ways you can grow your business this summer in my brand new FREE Resource – The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Summer Business School.

Throughout August I am creating a space where you can be supported to continue to run and grow your business even though your time may be limited this summer.  Each Monday I will be sharing a Mini Masterclass sharing content about how to make the most of your limited time, bringing focus and total clarity about WHERE you should be focusing throughout the summer to ensure your business continues to THRIVE.


You can join The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Summer Business today by clicking on this link Click here to grab your place in my summer business school


Have a fabulous summer, love Rachel xwww.rachelsmithlifecoach.com


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