5 Easy Steps to Create a Money Mindset - Rachel Smith

5-easy-steps-to-manifest1. Understand Your Money Story

As business owners we have to make money in order to have a fully functional business. However, many female business owners hate to talk and think about money.

This turns up as:

*invoicing late
*not chasing late payments
*doing more work and not charging for it
*discounting prices
*racking up expenses that aren’t monitored
*not planning – just hoping clients will come through the door

Any resistance to face up to money is likely to come from your Money Story. And it can show up in our thoughts and conversations as:

I can’t attract more clients

It’s ok for X they have tons of resources to throw at their business, that’s why they are a success

I hate doing my accounts – it’s such an awful job

I need to keep my prices low to attract clients to me
I will look at my bank statement later….

I hate talking about my prices, it’s so embarrassing

Your Money Story can be anything you heard and saw whilst growing up – that only greedy people have money, money doesn’t grow on trees, people like us don’t X or experiencing money habits such as mine, where bank statements went unopened and ignored so there was never a clear picture of what money there was or wasn’t.

When you understand your money story, it really opens your eyes to your own beliefs and money habits as a business owner. You begin to see clearly, what money beliefs you have, why you have them and how it is impacting on your life and business.

Just working on this one aspect of your relationship with money can be life changing.

Is it time for you to understand your Money Story?

2. Money Is Good

Money is just energy – in the past paying for something would have been an exchange of chickens or goats. Today it is coins and notes. Put simply, money is an exchange for something someone wants to purchase from you.

Money is not evil – money creates amazing opportunities and creates fabulous choices for you.

Money can empower you to help others.

Embrace Money as a friend and you will start to see how you can call money to you when you want it and how it can enable you to live the life you truly DESIRE to have.

3. Let Go Of Fear

When you come from a place of fear with money – when you are thinking:

*how am I going to pay X bill
*where is the next paying client coming from
*I hate having sales calls
*I am just going to DISCOUNT so they come and work with me

You are coming from a place of FEAR. I understand this is real for you. However, what you focus on is what you receive. When you focus on WANTING and FEAR, that’s what you will continue to receive.

Break the cycle – become mindful about your thoughts, anxiety and fears about making money and asking for money in your business.

Move away from fearful thoughts and move towards feeling abundant.

Even for the small things in life.

Retrain your brain to see your life is already abundant and you are open to receive MORE.

4. Start With Gratitude

Become active in appreciating what is already happening to you in your business. It could be focusing on everything positive running your business gives you – freedom, flexibility, creativity.

Focus on celebrating every new connection and create amazing ways to deepen that connection.

Take a moment to appreciate and be grateful for each new client you receive, make a clear intention to be of amazing service to them.

Gratitude costs you nothing – it’s all about awareness and appreciation.

5. Ask And You Will Receive

You will. Focus on what you want to attract. Perhaps you are looking for a new strategic relationship or delegates for your event or even clients for your programme or customers for your amazing products.

Your Vision – Forecast – Plan – Action – Review

Be clear about where you want to be in the future, create a business vision that excites you and yes maybe even scares you. Have a clear income goal in place.

Break it down and forecast how and when you will attract this income to you.

Create a plan detailing how you will make your vision happen.

Market consistently and take daily action.

Always review where you are and your plans.

Understand what works and change what doesn’t work.

You can do this – take these steps, I know you will make it happen.



Love Rachel x