Truth Telling - What It Really Takes To Grow A Successful Business | Rachel Smith

I want to call TIME OUT on all of the blog posts and Facebook Ad’s and social media content that are constantly telling you that  business success is easy, that you can create your dream business quickly and generate thousands of pounds or dollars by just having:

  • a fancy pants website
  • being everywhere on social media
  • running a Facebook Group
  • having a signature programme
  • having a funnel

Business success comes from these things yes, however the truth is that creating true business success comes from YOU.

Success is truly a mindset game – when you FEEL amazing, invincible – guess what you are and this is a time when you will find it easy to create content, do a Facebook Live, sell and build amazing relationships.
However when you are feeling worried, anxious and even upset this is when business and life feels HARD and everything you do, feels like hard work, problems happen and you can feel uprooted and uncertain.
And when you are sat in your office day in day out, working on your business, surrounded by messages that tell you this is easy, you can often feel like packing it all in.
The truth is, running a business is one hell of a rollercoaster ride.
Sometimes you are UP and sometimes you are DOWN.
And the primary reason for this, is quite simply you are trying to sell you and your services over and over again.
In the early days when you receive nothing or very little feedback from your audience on offers to work with you, unless you are working on your mindset everyday, you are going to feel like everyone else can do run thriving business but you can’t.
And even when your business is more established and you are stepping up in your game, business can still feel hard.
We all have a comfort zone and unless you want to stay in it, you do have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
And this goes for me, you and all of those other amazing women who are running incredible businesses.
This is the truth.
Obviously there are lots of things you can do, to make this roller coast ride more comfortable.
Here are some of my favourite strategies:
1. Choose
You get to choose how you feel.
No-one else is responsible for your feelings.
When you are feeling low, or find yourself slipping into negative thoughts and worries – choose to REFRAME your thoughts.
Keep in the positive.
Try journalling, keep a gratitude diary, meditate, exercise, visualise what you do want, dance, have a conversation with a REAL person!
2. Accept This Is A Journey
This is a journey – there is no such thing as an OVERNIGHT success.
Everyone who is online sharing their success – it has taken a long time!
And this journey is important.
The person who you are today, is the not the version of who you will be when you reach your desired success and you need to go on a journey to become that person.
3. Keep On Your Path!
Oh this is a good one.  How many times have you seen something online and it has COMPLETELY distracted you?
Set your intention – be clear on your mission and your vision for your business and your life and keep on YOUR path!
4. Be Supported!!!!
What TRUE support do you have in your business?  Who is championing you and your dreams?  Who is supporting you to dream bigger, bolder and supporting you in making it happen.
Remember it takes a VILLAGE to raise a child – you can’t build a successful business on your own and why would you want to?
Believe right now that you and your dreams are WORTH investing in – join a networking group, a mastermind, work with a coach, be part of a group of likeminded women – be supported.
You will grow faster!
Being connected with likeminded people will LIFT you higher – you will be supported, inspired, motivated, held accountable, visible.
5. Be Vigilent!
With your time – notice how much time you spend everyday on social media.
With your energy – reframe any negative thoughts that crop up, surround yourself with positive people.
With your prices – value yourself, ensure you are asking for what you are truly worth.
With your consistency – keep going especially when you feel like giving in.  Be consistent with your daily actions, this builds momentum, which takes time.
With your dreams – dream big and bold frequently!!!!

If you are not where you want to be, STOP and map out how you are going to change this.

Truly, if you keep taking the same action in your business, you will actually get the same results! 

And if you are ready to choose to grow an amazing business that works and you understand that actually you don’t want to do this ALL on your own and you do BELIEVE in you and your business ENOUGH right now, I have an amazing opportunity for you.
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Love Rachel x