Would You Love 20 New Soul Mate Clients In 30 Days, Just Like Kelly? | Rachel Smith

💖💖Would You Love 20 New Soul Mate Clients In 30 Days, Just Like Kelly?💖

I know this title might trigger you.

Perhaps you are thinking what a load of BS but please bear with me because this is such an important message.

Let me introduce you to Kelly Cairns – Kelly is a real woman, busy running her business and looking after her family. I have been Kelly’s customer for 2 years, she built my current website and she looks after my tech stuff too.

Kelly came to both of my live Mastermind Days in July and September – in September we worked on creating our next amazing offer for our soul mate clients.

On that day, Kelly received clarity about what her next offer was, she went home and got to work.

Kelly gave herself permission to dream big, to tap into her deepest desires and to create a brand new product that she loves and her audience loves too.

And because she was in complete alignment with all of that, she created, launched and sold her brand new monthly club to 20 brand new customers!

In less than 30 days.

This is frigging awesome.

Kelly doesn’t have a massive list.

Kelly doesn’t do a ton of LIVE STREAMS.

Kelly spent time developing a relationship with her audience, providing support and content that added real value.

She launched, very gracefully and found a way to sell that feels amazing for her.

I am sure you won’t be SURPRISED that Kelly is also part of my brand new Mastermind – The Fearless Female Entrepreneur’s Mastermind.

Within the Mastermind, Kelly has been supported and championed by myself and by the other amazing women in the Mastermind.

She has a safe place to come and be supported.

To receive fresh ideas and energy to keep going with her launch.

Now, I don’t want you to think for a minute that I am TAKING the glory for what Kelly has achieved. This is ALL Kelly’s achievement, it was her concept, her energy behind the launch and her taking fearless action in her business.

What I do want to highlight is the power of being part of a Mastermind.

These are scared, powerful places. A place where no one person is left behind, there is not a ton of content to work through, so no more spending hours seeking that one nugget of information you need.

In all of my masterminds, any training is bespoke to your needs.

What you also experience in masterminds is a TRUE understanding of the crazy world we have chosen to be as entrepreneur’s and massive SUPPORT.

Support from myself and coaching.

And also support from the other amazing women who are part of the Mastermind.

And accountability.

In my Mastermind, we meet every Monday for a joint call and whatever you NEED is provided and more.

And there is continuous support through the week.

You are no longer alone in your business.

You are not sat there procrastinating or worrying about what to do next.

You have a safe place to come and be seen and heard.

And one of the key aspects that I personally LOVE about Masterminds is the inspiration and motivation we give each other as we celebrate progress and achievements.

To give you another real example of how this works – last December I was in a Mastermind and it was a couple of weeks before I was finishing for Christmas and I believed that I was done, I didn’t plan to create, launch and sell anything.

Until two of my Mastermind buddies came into the group and shared how they had just attracted in more clients.

That was enough to put the fire in my belly and I created, launched and sold a mini programme that started in the New Year.

It was a brilliant way to end 2016.

Anything and everything is possible in a Mastermind.

The doors to my Mastermind are WIDE OPEN for three more women to come and join us.

The FULL details of the mastermind are here https://www.rachelsmithlifecoach.com/the-fearless-female-entrepreneur-mastermind/

There are a stack of bonuses currently available, including:

All of the recordings to the FOUR Masterclasses where I share exactly how to become WIDE OPEN to receiving exactly what you truly desire in your business and therefore your life.

A Private Strategy Session with me, where we work on your business, your business model and your strategies for growth.


Access to 3 LIVE Events, including a two event in March 2018 (remember what Kelly created as a result of coming to my events).

My BIG mission is to ensure women have access to powerful support that allows them to grow their awesome business and live an incredible life, whether they are new to business, been in business for a while or are currently changing their niche.

If you are reading this and KNOW that my Mastermind is exactly what you need right now, that this will take you from where you are right now to where you want to be, I am delighted to share that your investment in you and your business is £300 per month for 6 months.

Apart from my 121 coaching, this is the most powerful and accessible way I can support you to grow your awesome business.

So if you are ready to call in 20 new clients just like Kelly and more because lets face it, we are only at the start of our six months, come and join us whilst the doors are open!

Either book online or PM me and lets have a chat about what is the right resource for you right now.

Love Rachel x