Create Your Five Figure Mindset 14 Day Programme. - Rachel Smith

Create Your Five Figure Mindset

14 Day Programme

Are you ready to create an UNSTOPPABLE mindset that allows you to call in exactly what you want in life and business?

Ahhh, are you thinking NOT ANOTHER STATEMENT sprouting more BS about creating 5 figures in your business.

Do you keep seeing statements like this and it triggers you.

Do you get crazy mad at your social media feed and even at the person who created the post?

Are you stuck in the belief that actually you are working frigging hard in your business and you know you can’t make five figures in your business because you don’t have any more time or energy?

I get this.

Back in 2015, I was working REALLY hard in my business and it was working but it felt that it equated to all of the TIME I was working and thinking about my business.

I was tired and also stuck at generating £1,000, £2,000 or even £3,000 a month through all of the hard work I was undertaking every single day and even during the evenings.

I knew something had to change otherwise I was going to run out of time, energy and love for my business and my clients.

I knew that I had BIG dreams, I knew I was here to work with thousands of women not a few.

I also knew about the power of the mind – after all this is what I was also sharing with my clients.

However I had a fairly pathetic mindset practice, I was TOO busy doing everything else in my business.

After failing to grow my business to the level I wanted to and feeling very frustrated and knowing I couldn’t energetically keep on trucking, I finally heard the message that I needed to hear.

I understood I had to conquer my own mindset!

I understood I had to build an unstoppable belief about my own ability to achieve my dreams.

I had to start to taking responsibility for creating my own destiny.

I had to learn to let go of all of the past experiences with people and situations that was keeping me stuck in fear and resentment and belief that I couldn’t achieve my dreams.

And so I began to introduce a DAILY MINDSET PRACTICE into my life.

And EVERYTHING changed.

There is a saying that success is 80% MINDSET!

So whilst I was BUSY in my business doing all of things, I quickly realised that I had it all the wrong way round.

It was fear that had me sat at my desk everyday DOING the work.

However, when I gave myself 15-20 minutes every day to work on my mindset, my business and therefore my life changed.

I started to eat healthily and exercise everyday.

I started to do less work.

I started to get so much clarity about what I truly wanted.

I stopped spending money on THINGS I didn’t even want or need.

I started to breath properly.

I also started to call in my soul mate clients, easily and gracefully.

I started to create the most amazing offers and opportunities.

I started to sell every day or every week depending on what I wanted to do.

I started to grow my business – become more visible – create tons and tons of content.

I attracted in my dream renovation cottage and the MONEY to make it happen.

I started to show up and feel amazing about myself, my clients and my business.

And guess what?

I started to generate 5 figures!!!!!

Easily and gracefully.

Did I have to wait a long time?


All of these amazing opportunities and actions and results happened really FAST.

Cool, yes?

Introducing my Five Figure Mindset Programme

I have created a daily programme where I share the tools and exercises I use all the time in my business that has transformed my life.

And it’s not just me that has experienced success, using these exercises.

My clients have transformed their business’ and therefore their lives too!

To give you one example of many, one of my client was generating £1,000 a day in her retail shop and I was delighted when she shared that during the duration of the programme she started to call in £10,000 in sales a day and it felt easy!

As part of the programme, you receive a DAILY audio and workbook so you can start to explore and experiment with creating your own daily mindset practice.

Everyday for 14 days.

I share all of my exercises, tools and mindset secrets during the duration of the programme that helped me to stop working SO hard in my business and started to call in my soul mate clients easily and gracefully.

You can get started today!

This programme is worth ££££

However, my intention for this programme is for you to experience the ease and grace that I do in my business.

Therefore I am making this programme available for just £90.00

And you can even spread the payments over three payments of £30.00

So if you are ready to get go of your current version of growing your business and to be wide open to receiving more clients, more money, more choices this groovy little programme is for you.

Love Rachel x