The Graceful Hustle - Rachel Smith

121 Coaching For Women Who Are NOT Ready To Give Up

Work With Me For 6 Weeks, Get Focused, Move Into Aligned Action, And Start To Call In Your EPIC Results

I know you are probably thinking I can NOT AFFORD 121 support.

But here is the thing – can you afford to stay where you are right now?

Can you afford to GIVE UP now on all of your dreams and aspirations?

I REALLY understand what it feels like to feel STUCK, I also understand how it feels to see other people around you making their business WORK, and I REALLY understand how it feels to see the 121 support that you are fairly sure will make all the difference feeling unaffordable.

If I could go back now to the beginning – I would invest in excellent training and 121 support.

It is the ACCOUNTABILITY that makes the difference and the ability to have someone in your corner to say ‘Hey you’ve got this’, or ‘how about this’, or to challenge you to actually take that leap of faith your business need.

In retrospect, this would have SAVED me a whole heap of money I have spent on training and courses. AND it would have also SAVED me from losing all of the potential client work I could have been calling in, when I was actually spending my time faffing about and PROCRASTINATING.

I was clueless about how to grow my business, how to call in a consistent flow of clients and money.

Now, life and business are completely different – I only think about giving it all up, once or twice a year! Business is thriving, I love my clients and GUESS WHAT, they are making such excellent PROGRESS.

I have the ability to understand a person, their dreams and their business, and to see HOW to make it more profitable, FAST.

As a coach I will not only bring the strategy element into your business, but also the essential coaching skills that will see you GROW.

My clients turn their expertise into courses FAST, and starting selling them.

My clients create, launch and sell their existing and new programmes, courses, products FAST.

My clients increase their VISIBILITY.

My clients start to call in their HIGH END clients within weeks.

This is not BS.

I do not sell my courses, my membership club, my Masterminds and my 121 work and then BUGGER OFF.

When you sign up to work with me, you are signing up because you are ALL IN to making your business more profitable. And when you are all IN so am I.


Are you ready to EXPLORE how you can become graceful in your actions, in your thoughts and in your business?


Are you ready to tune in and create content, products and services gracefully?


Are you ready to learn the graceful hustle so you are selling in a way that FEELS good?



Be fully supported in your business, you will understand what to focus on next to generate your desired results.


Have a business model that feels graceful and gives you clarity about your vision, your mission and how you are going to grow your business.


Know what OMG offers you are creating next AND how to sell them gracefully


Generating EPIC results and building momentum in your business.


Grow your confidence and belief in yourself and your business.

I RARELY promote my 121 work.

However, this is the deepest work I can offer, and I feel compelled right now to create something SPECIAL for you.

6 Weeks of 121 Coaching and Support

I understand the Easter holidays are upon us, so I am very FLEXIBLE about how these 6 weeks of support are delivered.

So here is what I have created for you!


I am!



Half day strategy session delivered virtually and fully recorded so you have it forever!

In this strategy session we will:

Explore what is working brilliantly in your business and what isn't

Develop a BESPOKE business model that helps you grow a business that fits YOU and helps you achieve your DREAMS

Identify your next OMG offers

Create your BESPOKE visibility plan

Map out your money making ACTIONS


You have continuous access to me via VOXER (audio messenger) for the duration of our 6 weeks.


3 hours of personal coaching calls – you draw these down when YOU need them, and this is a bank of calls that you use during our 6 weeks, so you might just need a quick 20 minutes or a deeper 60 minutes of support.

You get what you need.


I am going to be completely up front and say it is £800.

My Promise To You

If you discover my coaching and accountability DOES NOT support your plans and you can evidence that you have implemented all of your agreed actions, I will refund your full investment.

There are payment options.

Option 1

Pay in full and I will thank you by gifting you an additional 2 WEEKS of support (2 weeks of VOXER and 1 hour of calls) for free

Option 2

Pay in 2 instalments of £400 paid in 3 week intervals from the first payment

Options 3

Pay in 3 instalments of £266.66 paid in 3 week intervals from the first payment


You can do this.

How do I know?


Because I was once where you are right now ,and now I am NOT.


I have a thriving business.


I have the most amazing clients.


I run live events that I love.


I have money in the bank.


I work less than 20 hours most weeks.


I have lots of travel adventures with my family. 

I live in a beautiful home and we have a our dream holiday property an hour’s drive away. 

I never thought any of this was possible. 

However once I mastered my own mindset and my dreams and learnt how to GRACEFULLY hustle, everything changed. FAST. 

One of my personal missions is to help and support women to grow their awesome business, gracefully without the years of fear and doubt I experienced. 

If you are ready to generate epic results in your business, then I would LOVE to work with you.




Brilliant – if you know you are IN straight away just go ahead and choose your payment option. 

Have questions – make an appointment ASAP and lets have a chat.

 Or alternatively jump onto Facebook Messenger and lets start a conversation