The Fearless Entrepreneur - Rachel Smith

Fearless Entrepeneur

8 weeks to becoming fearless in your business

Private Business Strategy and Coaching for EPIC Results In Your Business & Life!

This is you and me diving deeply into your business over the NEXT 8 weeks, creating momentum and EPIC results!

This is for you if:

You have bought all the programmes, joined the bootcamp and challenges, you know the strategies BUT you are SO busy spinning all the plates your growth comes in fits and starts

You are stuck – working on your own has got you to this point, however you can’t get out of your own way and actually start the work that will generate your desired EPIC results

Your belief that actually YOU can have an exceptional brilliant life is slipping away from you, you can feel yourself settling for working hard every day, for not very much in terms of £££/$$$

You understand the power of working with a coach who understands exactly where you are and where you want to be and can support you OVER the challenges and fears that are keeping you exactly where you are right now.

You want to create epic results in your business right now!

I have created a very powerful way for you to be supported that will see you generate momentum and growth in your business.

I love working with my clients in this powerful way. I will be basically working with you and your business for 8 weeks.

This is different from programmes and bootcamps where the support is delivered via a Facebook Group.

When I am working with you 121, I am ONLY working with you, not hundreds of other people.

Just you.

This might freak you out but actually if you have goals and income goals that you still haven’t achieved, this is probably the fastest way to achieve them.

Introducing The Fearless Entrepreneur

We start with a half day intensive working out:

Your business vision and goals! Time to light that fire in your belly!

Nailing or confirming who is your soul client and figuring out the FASTEST way to connect with them

Your Visibility Plan

Your Content Plan

Business Model & Sales Funnel

Prices and Products

Worth £1,000.00


A specific PLANNING session where we plan out your next 90 days in your business, in this session we will map out exactly how you are going to accelerate your results.

Worth £500.00

Following these two sessions you are going to have so much CLARITY about what you are doing every day in your business to achieve your desired results.

And you will understand the key strategies that will help you achieve your goals and therefore your dreams.

This work alone is powerful however you also have 8 weeks of SUPPORT, COACHING and basically CHEERLEADING to get you taking the action, overcoming the challenges and out running your fear!

The KEY difference between programmes and private coaching is the support and the powerful coaching where any obstacle can be overcome – we are future proofing you to becoming fearless in your business.

In addition to these two power sessions, you also have 5 x 45 minute PRIVATE coaching calls with me to take over the 8 weeks.

Worth £900.00

You can use these calls whenever you need them during our 8 weeks together – I will not be prescribing when these calls happen. 

You won’t be SAVING up your challenges for your coaching call.

You might need weekly calls at the beginning and less towards the end.

This is your coaching programme so you get to decide.


Continuous support via Whatsapp or Voxer where we can stay in touch about what is happening in your business on a daily basis.

Worth £££/$$$

Total value of this package is worth over £2,500

However you can purchase 8 weeks of coaching and support to move your business forward for:

First 3 people to sign up – £1,500

Next 3 people to sign up – £2,000

Payment plans are available – however when you pay in FULL I will credit you an additional MONTH of support (2 x additional 45 minute calls)

Payment plan 1 – £1,500

£500 Deposit + £500 x 2 monthly payments

Payment Plan 2 – £2,000

£750 Deposit + £625 x 2 monthly payments

Is Now a Good Time For You To Invest?

If you are feeling generally stuck, finding yourself going round and round in circles and not making as much progress as you wanted to this year, this private coaching opportunity is a great time to break the cycle, do something different and be supported to grow your business and attract in new paying clients into your business.

If you want to introduce an online course or passive income so you can take the summer off and still have a thriving business to come back to in September.

If you have a course or programme in mind that you want to Create, Launch and Sell easily and gracefully and know you will be completely overwhelmed and stressed out bringing this new product to the market place on your own.

Have been waiting for an opportunity to work with me before however working in a Mastermind isn’t a good fit for you.  If you are going to invest in your business, you want 100% of the focus and support on your business.

You are ready to take ACTION – this is 8 weeks of support to help you achieve EPIC results in your business.  If you are not ready to fully commit to your business, to taking the steps and to being ALL IN, this isn’t the right time for you.

Summary of Your Full Support Package:

1 x Precall Questionnaire and analysis of your business

1 x Half Day Intensive

1 x Planning Session

5 x 45 Minute Private Coaching and Strategy Call

8 weeks of continuous support via WhatsApp/Voxer


A guaranteed seat at my next LIVE event in York in September

Create Your 5 Figure Mind-set 14 Day Course (Value £99)

Your investment

£1,500 (first 3 people)

First Steps To Secure Access The Fearless Entrepreneur – let’s have a chat. 

It’s vital for me to understand if this is the right resource for you and your business right now.

To arrange please PM me via Facebook ASAP or email me at